Webb’s Exterior Services is a full-service, insured Commercial and Industrial pressure washing service provider.

Pressure washing is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve the look and value of your business. Webb’s Exterior Services offers Houston and the surrounding areas commercial pressure washing for all types of properties including office buildings, parking lots, parking garages, private driveways, warehouses, and oil field equipment.

Webb’s Exterior Services ensures strict compliance with stringent EPA regulations governing industrial facilities. Our professional team is extremely knowledgeable in closed-loop pressure washing where vacuums are used to remove all waste water from a power cleaning operation. The waste water is then properly disposed of offsite. Our company is fully OSHA compliant and routinely participates in customer company-prescribed safety orientations prior to implementation of work. All services are performed by professionals conversant in all HSE best practices with on-site safety given the highest priority. Click on the following links to see the Texas water code and City of Houston's Wash Water Guidelines.

Our equipment and cleaning process:

  • We use 3500 PSI Hot Water units.
  • Surface scrubbers are used to remove dirt and debris without leaving lines on concrete surfaces. Some companies try and clean large areas with wands and end up cutting lines in the concrete.
  • After scrubbing, we remove all gum using heat.
  • Finally, all dirt and residue is directed towards our reclaim unit. The reclaim unit is required by the City of Houston and it follows Federal EPA and City guidelines under the Water Conservation Act. The water is reclaimed and filtered through five filters and oil socks. This process renders the water safe and reusable.

We are available 24/7 by phone in the event of an emergency. Emergency pressure washing is available at all times. Our goal is to provide incredible professionalism and excellent customer service resulting in 100% satisfaction.

Call Webb’s Exterior Services at 832-985-5222 to discuss all your commercial cleaning needs.